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Thank you so much for the reading!
I did went through a rough and emotional time couple weeks ago with my mom, I'm currently not speaking to her. I also took the responsibility of other people as mine and that created a lot of pressure on me.
Now things are kind of looking up, after all those problems I had my husband and I have a better relationship. Also I wanted to mention to you that in fact I am very tired I need some rest. It's amazing how you feel what I feel. Thank you once again!

Thank you so much for the reading and the meditation and music videos. They are helping me a lot. I am starting to feel energetic and balanced. And yes the reading did resonate a lot. Thank you so much will update you

Hi!, I just wanted to get back to you.
You gave me a reading about another person but you told me a water sign comes into my life who is younger than me. Back then I don't wanted to believe it because I didn't know any water sign man and also not younger than me.. Around two months ago I started talking to a Pisces man who is one year younger than me and he would text me every day and was very respectful and he is ver attractive. We don't talk for 8 days now because all of a sudden he would distance himself. I don't know why and what is going on with him but it is what it is... Anyways I just wanted to let you know, that your reading was 100% accurate and I'm speechless!! Love and light, Jenny

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